The 8 benefits of using Hemp CBD Oil for Your Dog

cbd oil for dogs
     Our dogs are our best friends, our family members, our little furry crazy kids, and at times our owners! We often times spend a lot of money and resources to make them feel better and to spoil them. However, some times visits to vet might not go as planned, and bad news might be said. Other times our furry companions might be suffering in silence and growing old. That is where Hemp/CBD Oil for dogs come into place. Just like us humans and other mammals, our dogs have an endocannabinoid system, with cannabinoid receptors.

Receptors found in the brain and nervous systems that help Hemp CBD oil attach itself. Causing a lot of favorable effects to a pet who might be suffering from an ailment or having really bad symptoms. Such as chronic pains, tumors, cancer, post surgery, skin infections/conditions, anxiety, aggression, appetite stimulator, as a supplement, or neurological conditions. CBD oil comes from the cannabis plant and is extracted from it. Containing 0% of THC and high in CBD (cannabidiol) in order to really help a mammal. It also contains other properties such as Omega 3s, fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins. It can also be used as supplement for other conditions. 

Here are some benefits of using Hemp CBD Oil for your pet

Since THC is toxic to pets, it is important to buy the correct oil or products for your furry companion. CBD oil however, contains just the cannabidiol which will help attach itself to some receptors and help your dog with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, cell regeneration, immune system, help with cancer symptoms, or other short term injuries. Injuries such as surgeries, broken bones, torn ligaments or muscles, spasms, and even cuts. It is said that one can use the oils as opposed to Tramadol, Rimadyl, or Oxycodone for dogs. We still highly recommend you talking to your vet to see what is best for your pet.

1. Cancer, Tumors, and enlarged lymph nodes

Cancer can be just as devastating to a fur baby as for a human. Your pet may be suffering in silence but that is no reason to not try Hemp CBD Oil for your dog or pets. The oil will help your pet with any side effects of chemotherapy that they might be having. It will also help with any related symptoms, encourage new cell regeneration, and the death of infected cancerous cells. It might help with the daily pain that your pet feels. Many pets stop eating when they have cancer or tumors making them have other issues and feeling lethargic. The oil will help stimulate their appetite. Tumors and lymph nodes are sometimes shrunk when applying the oil or cream made from it directly. As well as being ingested orally. As it slowly kills bad cells and helps the body replace them with new ones.

2. Chronic Pains

Dogs who are growing old or simply are pre-disposed to suffering from joint issues, benefit from Hemp CBD a lot. There are also dog treats that contain Hemp CBD oil that are palatable for them to eat 1-2 times a days. In order to prevent more pain or joint issues. Since Hemp contains Omega 3’s this will help them get all the oils, good fatty acids needed, and minerals to get their joints better. As well as CBD to help their receptors act in a positive way towards this new stimuli.

3. Post Surgery

Skip the post pain medication that sometimes causes pets to have ulcers or upset stomach. Ask your vet if it is ok to give them the oil or treats better. This way not only will it help with the pain they might be feeling after having surgery or a dental procedure; it will also help them heal better and faster. Since the oils/treats have anti-inflammatory properties, it will help the surgery area to heal faster. They might still be drowsy and feeling blue but with a better stomach. 

4. Skin infections and skin conditions

Yes, pets can also get horrible skin allergies or infections. Allergies caused from food, grass, the environment, or even fleas. Or skin conditions due to another underlining issue. Before giving them any Hemp CBD oil ask your doctor what exactly might be happening. With an exam and even a skin scrape test, the Doctor will know what may be causing pooch to feel this way. The oils, treats, and shampoos from Hemp/CBD will have a great impact ! This will help the skin heal, feel better, have a soothing effect, and help them not itch so much. Itching causes more open wounds and infections.

5. CBD oil for Anxiety and behavioral issues

While you might enjoy the colorful sky on a 4th of July, your fur baby might think the world is coming to an end. Might fear those loud and rambunctious thunderstorms with rain. Or maybe your fur baby has anxiety, separation issues, social anxiety, or simply hates others (animals and/or humans). Treats and oils might help to sooth them mentally, physically, and comfort them. Just like us, our dogs also suffer from anxiety and act in certain primal ways. We need to understand where their feelings and actions are coming from. They might just need a little bit of help to feel better using the oils.

6. Appetite stimulator

Some doggies have a hard time eating for a number of reasons. Even with special prescription food some might still struggle to eat the normal amount. With the help of treats or oils their hunger might eventually come back. The receptors that tell their brain to eat will eventually start absorbing the oils and having positive feedback.

7. Supplements

On a daily basis dogs go into the vet for reasons such as hair falling out, being tired all the time, their coats are dry or dull, or simply they are not acting like themselves. Since Hemp and CBD are loaded with all the good things they might be able to start being their happy selves!

8. Neurological Conditions

Mammals have an endocannabinoid system with certain receptors that help cannabidiol stick to it and respond in positive ways. Some dogs have symptoms lingering from past infections or present conditions. When given Hemp CBD, the substance attaches itself to the receptors and makes their symptoms lessen. Helping them with the every day tasks like walking, muscle coordination, eating, and simply just being a dog.

But, before you start giving your furry companion any type of oil, treats, or dosages; start with getting a vet who will be ok with it. Many vets are still against Hemp CBD products. If you cannot find a vet or want to go your own route, the right dosage will take a few tries. You need to start little by little. You never know how your pet might react or feel. Start with a small treat or a significantly small dosage, once a day, and make note of what happens. If you see that your pet does well, up the dosage in a few days in order to give their system some time. Gradually see what happens and how your pet reacts. As you take notes, any side effects like vomiting, diarrhea, not eating, lethargic, panting, or any other symptom must be discussed with your vet. Remember that pets are fragile and have different metabolic and nervous systems than ours. Take things slowly in order to prevent any bad side effects or expensive trips to an emergency center or doctor.

Like all products, do your research on the company selling them, what they are made of, and read the reviews. Not all products are created equal and might do more harm than good. Ask all the questions you may have to your vet, the seller, or the company who might have that product that you are wanting to buy. A good product will cost money but will be extremely beneficial in the long run. Try not to buy big versions of products to prevent waste. We all know how picky dogs can be sometimes.

With that said, every pet is different, there may be underlining conditions. Conditions that can only be found by doing lab tests such as complete blood panels (especially if it has been more than 1 year and the dog is elder), urine tests, checking their kidney levels, or other tests that may shed light. Always talk to your vet before giving any medicine to your pet. It is always recommended to take pets to the vet once a year for annual vaccines and updates. As well as some blood work if they are having issues.

Hemp CBD oil and products are perfect alternatives to costly and even damaging meds. Even though the results might not be instantly, you will be able to see the changes in your fur baby soon. If your pooch is healthy, hemp treats are also a perfect way to train them, and give them a healthy treat!