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There is much speculation, misconceptions, and even bad media coverage on CBD Oil. The truth is, CBD Oil products has been shown that can help you with so many symptoms from physical, spirituality, and mentally. Helping people who have cancer, seizures, chronic pains, anxiety, eating disorders, thyroid problems, multiple sclerosis; the list goes on and on. Like any plant or medicine, there are many strands. Each of them helping you with a specific ailment. Despite rumors, CBD either derived from Hemp or Marijuana is legal to use in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Cannabidiol oil is one of the more than 60 active substances found in cannabis belonging to a class of molecules called cannabinoids. Of all these cannabinoids, CBD and THC are the most well-known and most researched substances.

What is the difference between CBD Oil from Hemp vs. Medical Marijuana?

CBD may come from cannabis but it is actually a cannabidiol that is chemically and atomically different from the rest. It lacks the psychoactive of THC, meaning you cannot get high or have mood altering outcomes. When used over a period of time, you may be able to see changes in your body, your symptoms, and every day life. During the 1990's, a research system on the effects of cannabis on humans discovered a receptor system that is responsible for the overall health of the body and regulates the organs, the central nervous system and the immune system. This receptor system is called the endocannabinoid system.

Endocannabinoids activate these receptors so that the body can come into action. These cannabinoids are created in the body. The almost identical (phyto) cannabinoid CBD does exactly the same. This explains why CBD is absorbed by the body and central nervous system. Cannabinoids that are being introduced to your body attach themselves to certain proteins and receptors. Receptors such as CB1 and CB2 which deal with certain parts of the brain and immune system.

On the other hand, CBD may also be extracted from Hemp. There are cannabis varieties that are specifically cultivated on with very minimal THC so that they can be grown legally for their fiber and seeds. This is called industrial hemp or fiber hemp. Which has been catching a lot of popularity lately. Hemp also comes from marijuana and has so many properties. Not to mention all of the abundant qualities and ways it can be used for such as paper, building materials, apparel, house ware, beauty products, and more because of its sturdiness. Hemp oil is a more processed form of oil which is a low THC plant and also a non psychoactive. CBD Hemp oil is extracted from hemp seeds and made into oil. These are used in various food supplements such as a vegan version of Omega 3s, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. It however does not contain cannabinoids like CBD oil does


The benefits of CBD are endless and researchers are still uncovering the many benefits. However, it has been shown over and over again that CBD is effective in treating various symptoms. The oil can be taken by mouth through capsules, rubbed directly on the skin as a balm, used as vape oil in pens, or even in edibles. It is usually mixed with other herbs and even coconut oil for a more potent product. It is always best to be careful when adding other herbs as some may be damaging if taking the wrong amount. As always you should consult your doctor before taking any thing if you are on other forms of medication.

We humans and almost all animal species have a body-like cannabinoid system. This system is also called the endocannabinoid system and is perhaps the most important physiological system regarding the health and healing of our body. The endocannabinoid system has been over 600 million years old! The encannabinoids and receptors are located in different parts of the body in the brain, organs, connective tissue, glands and immune cells. In each tissue, different tasks are performed with one common goal: homeostasis.

Homeostasis is the act of balancing all functions in the body (such as temperature, acidity, blood pressure and respiration) and the ability of the body to maintain this balance, despite environmental influences. Our endocannabinoid system is involved in many physiological processes. It thus regulates the homeostasis of the body, it provides physical and mental balance and this system also affects mood, blood pressure, movement, sleep, hormones, pain and the immune system.

What are the health benefits of cbd oil?

In a study conducted in 2013 by the Department of Neurology at Stanford University, 19 children who suffered from epilepsy were given CBD. Two children (11%) stopped having seizures altogether while on the medicine, eight children (42%) reported an 80% reduction in frequency of seizures, and six children (32%) reported a 25-60% reduction in seizures.

CBD has been shown to be effective in the treatment for symptoms of the following conditions:

-multiple sclerosis
-chronic pain
-post-traumatic stress disorder
-antibiotic-resistant infections
-other neurological disorders

CBD Effective In Cancer Cell Degeneration

People with cancer have stated that taking the oil has helped with some of the symptoms accompanied by it. It is said to help cell regeneration and growth by suppressing the bad cancerous cells and helping them self destruct. As well as encouraging new cells without any cancer to grow. It also has anti-tumor properties and can help to shrink down the tumor. The daily physical pain and side effects such as not eating or nausea accompanied by chemotherapy, and by cancer itself, can be lessened when using the oils.

CBD Effective In Treating Pain

Talking about pain, those with chronic pain can benefit a lot from CBD Oil and even creams made from it. CBD is a natural pain reliever and has anti-inflammatory properties. Since Cannabinoids attach themselves to CB2 receptors, it helps neuronal transmissions to inhibit anti-inflammatory properties. Even helping people who may be suffering from multiple sclerosis or fibromyalgia. It can also help with other symptoms that arise from having any type of muscle pains, premenstrual pains, arthritis, joint pains, back aches, and such especially when used as a balm.

CBD Oil For Anxiety and Depression

Neurodegenerative symptoms from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, strokes, and epilepsy can be lessen when using certain amounts of CBD oil. As stated before, the cannabinoids also attach themselves to CB1 receptors. Meaning that they can help with receptors that are found in the brain. Even though certain states have allowed epilepsy patients to take cannabis derived CBD oil as a treatment, studies are still being made. It is said to prevent epilepsy attacks as soon as you start feeling the first symptoms. CBD relaxes the muscles and helps the receptors to block more pain or undesired effects. As far as other illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and strokes, the oil can help make the neurological symptoms less. By reducing inflammation and favoring CB1 receptors actions.

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CBD Effective At Treating Mental Health Symptoms

On the other hand, some pains might not be physical ones. But rather mental ones that need a lot of attention and healing. You guessed it! CBD can help with that too. It helps with anxiety, stress relieve, anti-psychotic episodes, sleep aid, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Since anxiety, psychotic episodes, and PTSD are mainly linked to specific receptors, CBD can help the way they react to certain chemicals and stimuli. Different types of dosages can help to control these symptoms as well as reducing stress, lowering the heart rate, hyperventilation, or other symptoms that may come from anxiety or even panic attacks. Linked to this is PTSD, since the symptoms can also be improved by taking CBD. If sleeping is a problem, one can also smoke or take oils to help relax the mind and the body. With time the body will absorb the oil and you will be able to see significant changes.

It is no doubt that CBD can be used as a pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, anti-antispasmodic, antipsychotic, cell regenerator, and neuro-protective / immunity helper. Helping people fight their symptoms and making life easier for some. But, before you go out and buy the first product that claims to be pure CBD oil, do your research! Like any other product, not everything is created equal or with purity. You want to make sure you see the paperwork, studies, and know where the oil is really coming from. If a website or a shop gives you a bad gut feeling, listen to yourself. Some people may even use GMO’s on their plants or not use correct formulas to create a product. More importantly, always talk to your doctor or health practitioner, vendors, and start little by little to see how effective the oil is compared to the dosage. All of our bodies are different. Whatever helps someone else might not help you. Listen to your body.

Is CBD Oil legal to Purchase Online?

Hemp is a dietary ingredient that is permitted for use in or as a dietary supplement, and our importer imports its raw hemp oil under approved tariff codes to its FDA-registered and GMP certified facility in the U.S. And hemp products that have been imported through the proper means are exempt from the marijuana and THC laws in Schedule I of the DEA, as precedented in the 2004 Federal Ruling in favor of the Hemp Industry Association (HIA) vs. the DEA, in which Judge Betty Fletcher wrote, “[T]hey (DEA) cannot regulate naturally-occurring THC not contained within or derived from marijuana-i.e. non-psychoactive hemp is not included in Schedule I. The DEA has no authority to regulate drugs that are not scheduled, and it has not followed procedures required to schedule a substance. The DEA’s definition of “THC” contravenes the unambiguously expressed intent of Congress in the CSA and cannot be upheld.” It is this precedence that allows hemp products to be sold in health food stores all across the country. Hemp grown within the U.S. wouldn’t be compliant with federal regulations and that is why most is sourced from out of the country.

Although there has been some legal progress in the industrial hemp industry since the Farm Bill was signed in 20144 distinguishing hemp from marijuana .The minimal oversight of CBD oil make it even more challenging to buy the right product in the market. There are numerous varieties of this product in the market each claiming to be the purest and the best. Being a new entrant in the medical field, not much goes into regulating CBD oil. Manufacturers are therefore free to sell what they consider as the best form of hemp oil CBD extract. With no regulations, there is no knowing what you are purchasing. This leaves you exposed to the side effects of impure products and money wasted. Pure forms of organic CBD oil contain almost no THC and are backed with scientific testing reports regarding quality, amount, and manufacture details. Despite these obvious challenges, it is possible to buy the right CBD oil in the market.


The market is full of scammers. Before paying for any product, it is important that you understand who your supplier is. Find out from the supplier products. Pure natural CBD oil comes from processed hemp plant and it is 99.99 percent pure. This is the only way that the market can accepts it as a viable supplement. Purification is necessary to meet market standards. Without carefully knowing your supplier, there is no way to tell if the product you are purchasing has gone through all the stages. Unfortunately, this process is expensive. This means that companies are either skip one process to cut down costs or sell their products very expensive and in some cases companies will not extract the oil carefully thus capturing more THC than is acceptable. Failure to  purify the extract also means that a lot of junk is retained in the oil thus reducing its level of purity. Getting organic CBD oil that you can trust is not always easy.

Know whom you are buying from

Find a supplier that values quality more than cost. However, you should be willing to pay the price for quality. If you want to reap the benefits of great quality then you have no choice but to pay a substantial amount for it legal is always safe. Only buy pure CBD oil that is legal in your state. Usually, CBD from industrial hemp is legal in all states to buy online but one that is made from marijuana is only acceptable in certain states. As such, check labels for any indication of the ingredients making sure it is hemp oil CBD. Any product with a label or indication of ingredients is illegal and potentially dangerous. Even though no regulation exists, there are basics you need to know for your own safety. In addition to your safety, you may get in trouble for using illegal products since marijuana is an illicit drug. Any form of its use falls under as substance abuse classification.

Beware of products that claim to be the cure for everything

As much as CBD oils have the potential to cure certain diseases, it is a false claim to assume that they cure every disease. If you want to purchase the product online, it is advisable first study the real and potential benefits of the oils before you purchase if you come across a product that claims to be a cure for everything then take this as a red flag and look elsewhere. CBD is a powerful antioxidant hence has the potential to improve certain medical conditions.

However, you should not be too expectant because most of these effects are still under trial phase. When the benefits sound too good to be true then they probably are. Unless further research proves otherwise, do not ignore alternative treatment for your condition with the claim that CBD oil will clear your problem. Find a company that is real enough to admit not to selling magic portion but a beneficial product that is likely to improve your life if used properly.

Common things to consider when buying CBD oil

There are many brands and types of CBD oil ranging from organic to non-organic. However, the choice of oil you select depends on your personal needs and the plan of use that you have in mind. You need to ask yourself a number of questions before purchasing the oil. How much oil do you need at a time? Do you need flavored or unflavored hemp oil CBD? What is your main consideration, price or concentration? How you answer these questions will determine the kind of CBD oil you purchase.

Criteria of buying CBD oil online

Not all people are able to visit physical stores hence the high preference of purchasing online. However, online purchasing can be tricky especially if you do not know how to go about it. Learn how to make comparisons of shapes, sizes and volumes. In addition, you should learn how to tell similar products by their minute details. Most importantly, you should be able to buy pure CBD oil by considering its volume and concentration.

CBD oil volume

The best hemp oil has the right amount of hemp oil in them. While it is important to look at the volume of the hemp oil due to its benefits, the most important consideration is the volume of the CBD in the oil in the particular product.

Concentration OF CBD

In addition to the volume, concentration is one of the other circuital factors to consider when choosing CBD oil. This is the abundance of the CBD compared to the volume of the entire product. These come in different concentrations ranging from normal to super high concentrations. In the end, the level of concentration you chose from a product depends on how much CBD you intend to take as well as the amount available in the oil. The best recommendation is that you start with small amounts or dosages and increase steadily as your needs for the CBD changes. This is what works for starters.


The best and the purest CBD companies products will have a lot of information, show you where it comes from, how it is made, and will have documentation like lab results to go along with it. Take your time getting to know the shop, the product, and asking questions. A good product will cost a fair amount if it is good. Facebook, Yelp, and business page reviews are your best friends! You will be able to see if the products are good, if they actually work, or if you should just skip the place in general.

The prices can also range from low to very high depending on how big the product is (how many ounces or quantity), if it contains other herbs added to it (coconut oil, arnica, juniper, ginger ,etc.) , if you are in a state where THC is legal (some CBD products might have some THC added into it) , and with high CBD strains. Try to remember that CBD oil and CBD Hemp oil are two different things with different properties. Hemp oil can be found at your local natural store. While CBD oil near me is found in smoke shops and online. Or if you go to a natural doctor that may have access to it easily.

Many companies try to prey on people and claim that their products cure it all. Please keep your eyes opened as some companies will sell you water and tell you it is CBD. Pure CBD Oil might be presented in a website as crystals which is rare. Other shops have CBD oil but the highest they might reach is 98% pure. The prices will be high since most likely the quality will be top notch. Chances are they might be shipped from outside the United States. In addition to oil, you can also buy products such as lip balms, hair shampoo, creams that help with any pains, vaping pens, and edibles. The same rules apply, do your research, and make sure the place is actually a real and legitimate business. Never send strange wire transfers or personal information.

What type of cbd products are available to purchase online

CBD oil is available in many forms from oils to edibles. Many companies provide different products which vary in amount of cbd concentration. Below are some examples of products you can purchase online

How much cbd oil should i take?

The ideal serving size for different circumstances is not exactly known. The weight of the person may play a role in how the CBD effects the body. A 40 pound child most likely won’t need the same amount as a 250 pound man to gain a similar result.There is a lot of room for experimentation with figuring out a good serving for you or your loved one.

Phtyochemical constituents from hemp (like CBD) are some of the safest in the world, and there hasn’t been seen any major side effects that we’ve ever seen or heard of. So there is a lot of wiggle room in figuring out what works best for you may vary greatly from person to person. Dogs and cats may vary also it is important to test with a small dosage first.

One last note on this topic that is absolutely worth sharing is that your body will build up a storage of cannabidiol in the body, which is unlike most chemicals. So unlike alcohol, which is usually absent from the blood stream and body within 24-48 hours after ingestion, cannabidiol can stay bound to the cells of the body for weeks. This is important to know because after a few weeks of using CBD oil a lesser amount will be required to gain effects similar to the original dosing. So, the first few weeks are a prime time to have a high serving size, and you can incrementally lower the serving size over time while still having potentially equivalent results because of your body’s storage of CBD


We hope to see the cultivation of industrial hemp become fully legal within the United States. There are small steps being taken in this direction, and we are hopeful that process will continue favorably. This would lead to a dramatic decrease in cost for both the manufacturers and consumers of Hemp products, including Hemp CBD oil. CBD oil is a wonderful thing that can definitely help you feel better. If you feel as if nothing has helped you in the past, give it a try. Chances are that you will not regret it and that your life will change for the better. It is time to take care of yourself, it is time to enjoy life more, and give mother nature a shot!

Nature gives us so much and takes care of us always. It is never wrong. This oil and other products might just be the very thing you need to help you live better. To help with the every day crazy lifestyle that we all lead which loaded with too much stress. This might just help your chronic pains, your joints to work better, your nausea to go away, or simply to give you a better night sleep. Give CBD a try!


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